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Technical Information

Here is a list of technical information stored in PDFs. Just click on the link to open the PDF files in a new window.

 Download Wire Gauges PDF
 Download Wireform Terminology PDF
 Facilities List
Merrill Manufacturing Disclaimer
 Certificate of Registration

End Configurations

Metal End As Cut

As Cut

Metal Cut End Deburred


Metal Cut End Flattened & Trimmed

Flattened & Trimmed

Metal Cut End Flattened & Untrimmed

Flattened & Untrimmed

Metal Cut End Flattening Centered

Flattening Centered

Metal Cut End Flattened Flush

Flattened Flush

Metal Cut End Pinch Point

Pinch Point

Metal Cut Turned End

Turned End

Metal Cut Standard Roll Thread

Standard Roll Thread

Metal Cut Gimlet Roll Thread

Gimlet Roll Thread

Metal Cut Diamond Knurl

Diamond Knurl

Metal Cut Straight Knurl

Straight Knurl

Swaging & Piercing

Metal Cut Winging or Swaging

Winging or Swaging

Metal Cut Swaged & Pierced

Metal Cut Special Shaped Holes

Special Shaped Holes

Eye Configurations

Metal Cut  Standard Offset Eye

Standard Offset Eye

Metal Cut Standard Centered Eye

Standard Centered Eye

Metal CutRounded Centered Eye

Rounded Centered Eye