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Wire Forming Capabilities


Merrill Manufacturing's custom wire forms often produce amazing results. They eliminate metal waste. They reduce product weight. They can also increase a product's operating efficiency, eliminate secondary machining operations during production, and reduce its associated inventory costs. All of which can lead to enormous savings.

Custom Made Wire Forms from Merrill Manufacturing In order for us to manufacture superior parts at a fair price, we maintain cooperative relationships with dependable, certified suppliers. Our vendors become certified by meeting rigorous standards that we consider, from experience, to be essential to the production of high-quality wire forms.

Merrill Manufacturing works primarily with bright basic low carbon steel, but we also have expertise with a wide variety of other materials, including, but not limited to, stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum. You'll appreciate all of the material benefits of Merrill Manufacturing's custom wire forms. Contact us today to learn more about our world of custom wire form solutions!


You can't work unless your product works. Merrill Manufacturing's industry-leading craftsmen and production equipment can meet any challenge, ensuring that your product does more than merely work. Your product will work better. Our customers' engineers partner with our own to enhance the production process. All tooling operations take place in our jobshop, thereby minimizing the development cycle and getting your product to the production line faster.

In the end, you receive high-quality parts that help reduce down time and increase efficiency. That means you save money. From tool design and engineering to production parts and tool samples, Merrill Manufacturing delivers a world of custom wire form solutions.


At Merrill Manufacturing, every weld we produce, in every custom wire form and every welded wire product, meets our demanding standards. We employ environmentally-safe, automated resistance welding techniques at every cross wire intersection, and on all butt welds. The result? Clean, accurate, and consistent welding with minimal weld flash, efficient component production and, ultimately, strong, attractive wire forms that deliver reliable performance year after year.

All of these benefits are made possible by our well-trained and experienced team. Our areas of expertise include butt welds, tee welds, cross wire welds, projection welding, arc welding, and robotic welding. Welding - A secondary operation that gets first-class treatment at Merrill Manufacturing, your world of custom wire form solutions.


Why should your unique product ideas gather dust in a desk drawer? Our custom wire form solutions will bring them to life without exceeding your budget.

Merrill Manufacturing offers comprehensive capabilities to produce welded wire and custom wire form products, including guards, grids, motor mounts, hose brackets, water intake screens, racks, and much more.

Complex grid designs with numerous secondary forming, welding, and assembly operations are easily processed by our sophisticated Custom Manufacturing Cells (CMCs). The state-of-the-art production machinery at Merrill Manufacturing also handles a wide variety of special shapes. Our machines can process flat wire, half round, and many other shapes. In addition, we have the in-house capability to produce stamping, such as stamping for components in welded assemblies. You'll find that variety and value define the world of custom wire form solutions at Merrill Manufacturing. Contact us today for more information!


We developed MerriBrite™, our exclusive zinc plating system. The high-luster finish of wire forms treated with MerriBrite™ consistently wins high praise from our customers. So does our competitive pricing.

We also offer:

  • Nickel Plating
  • Epoxy Powder Coating
  • And a variety of other finishes as well.

PVC Coatings

Silver Sage

Dark Brown