Celebrating 100 years of wireform solutions


Merrill Manufacturing's custom wire forms often produce amazing results. They eliminate metal waste. They reduce product weight. They can also increase a product's operating efficiency, eliminate secondary machining operations during production, and reduce its associated inventory costs. All of which can lead to enormous savings.

 In order for us to manufacture superior parts at a fair price, we maintain cooperative relationships with dependable, certified suppliers. Our vendors become certified by meeting rigorous standards that we consider, from experience, to be essential to the production of high-quality wire forms.

Merrill works primarily with bright basic low carbon steel. But we also have expertise with a wide variety of other materials, including, but not limited to, stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum. You'll appreciate all of the material benefits of Merrill Manufacturing's custom wire forms. Contact us today to learn more about our world of custom wire form solutions!

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Merrill Manufacturing can create wire frames in many wire gauges